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"Michael Dickinson does such wonderful and apparently magical things with fire and glass that you may wonder why you did not choose, at thirteen, to apprentice yourself to a master craftsman in a small cabin full of tools and surrounded by fir trees, possibly in Lapland. Michael recently gave a demonstration at Stanford’s arts-themed dorm, crafting a perfect speckled white conch shell, a sphere with a trompe-l’oeil spiral uncoiling in its heart, and a wine goblet worthy of Galadriel. Our students, regardless of major, were spellbound. To watch his glass turn and bubble and be born in that cone of flame was deeply calming, a reminder of an age in which the gifted and industrious human hand—not the keyboard—mattered most.

—Andrew Todhunter, Stanford University"


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American Craft Council 2017

American Craft Council 2017